Adhesive Systems


  • 5-Minute
  • Ideal when used as an 'extra hand' in assembly
  • Can be used alongside other spabond products
  • Available in cartridges


  • General bonding and repair work on a wide range of materials

Mix Ratio

  • 1:1 (By weight and volume)


Spabond 5-Minute uses Gurit’s fast-setting technology. It combines outstanding bonding speed with a simple 1:1 by weight and by volume mix ratio. This thixotropic system is ideal for general bonding and repair work on a wide range of materials.

Components bonded with Spabond 5 Minute demonstrate high bond strengths and can be handled after a very short period of time.

Spabond 5-Minute can be used in conjunction with other Spabond products as a “spot weld” system in situations where the use of conventional clamps is not possible.

Spabond 5-Minute is available in 50ml MIXPAC cartridges and in 280ml peeler catridges (mastic type cartridge).