Adhesive Systems


  • Suitable for bonding polyester and epoxy parts
  • Exceptional impact toughness and peel strength
  • Excellent bond to polyester and epoxy substrates
  • Low exotherm and shrinkage in thick bond-lines
  • Sag resistance of up to 30mm on a vertical face
  • Wide range of hardeners, from Fast to Extra Slow
  • Resin and Hardener pigmented to give a visual indication of mix quality

Spabond 540 is a modified ambient curing epoxy adhesive designed for bonding polyester or epoxy laminates. The Adhesive system is available with two resins; Spabond 540 resin is designed for larger gaps up to 30mm and Spabond 540LV for bond-line <20mm. Spabond 540LV is available in drums, pails and cartridges.

Typical Applications

The high toughness and excellent gap filling properties make this adhesive ideal for stringers/bulkheads, frames and hull-to-deck joints on medium to large production boats.

Pack Sizes & Availability

Spabond 540 is available in 600ml cartridges and 20/18.4kg resin/hardener quantities for bulk mixing/dispense. Cartridge guns and mix heads are also available on request.