SP 320

  • Easy application
  • Excellent clarity
  • High film-build

Solvent Free Epoxy

SP 320 is a solvent-free, clear epoxy coating that provides a high clarity, tough finish to whatever it is applied to. When used for coating wood, just a few coats will provide both protection and a depth of clarity that can only otherwise be achieved with many more coats of a conventional varnish.

Multi-Purpose System

The epoxy coating will protect most surfaces from moisture ingress, and will also add strength to softwood surfaces. On horizontal surfaces, SP 320 may be poured on as a flow-coat, providing an instant, thick coating layer in just one application. If the coating is to remain unpainted, the cured material should be overcoated with any good two pack polyurethane, since an unprotected epoxy coating will gradually yellow in sunlight.

Glass Reinforcement

Due to its low viscosity, and excellent wetting characteristics, SP 320 may also be used with lightweight glass reinforcements, such as RE210D, to provide a clear, sheathing layer. When this is further coated with extra layers of SP 320, the result is a glass-reinforced clear coating which is exceptionally strong and hard-wearing.

Further Uses

Whilst primarily designed as a coating, SP 320 is completely solvent-free and so can be mixed with Gurit's Filler range to produce filling compounds, adhesives and fillet mixes. Some information about the filler range, and how to use the fillers, is contained in the datasheet.