Tooling Products

T-Lam 130-1

  • Thermally stable up to 130°C / 265°F when fully post-cured
  • Low viscosity for wet-out of heavy weight reinforcements
  • Good Health and Safety
  • Low exotherm and extended pot-life makes this product ideal for large or complex moulds
  • Ambient curing and low shrinkage for accurate mould manufacture

T-Lam 130-1 Slow is an epoxy tooling system for manufacturing glass or carbon moulds by wet laminating. T-Lam 130-1 Slow is part of the 130°C / 265°F tooling systems and is compatible with the range of gelcoats, infusion, and repair materials.

T-Lam 130-1 Slow is a low shrinkage ambient curing system, which simplifies accurate mould manufacture. Designed for laminating and cure at 20°C / 70°F, it should then be mid-cured at 40°C / 105°F for 4 hours to guarantee the strength needed for demoulding. It can then be post-cured off the plug to give a material that is thermally stable to 130°C / 265°F.

Exceeding this temperature will cause a rapid loss in stiffness and a safety margin is required for the maximum tool operating temperature to prevent distortion or tool damage.