Tooling Products

T-Paste 70-2

  • Compatible with 2KM, Dekumed, Dopag, Graco & Tartler mixing machines
  • Easy to apply at thicknesses up to 40mm on a vertical surface
  • Low exotherm & shrinkage in thick sections
  • Can be rough machined after 1 day at 21°C / 70°F
  • Excellent machining properties
  • Provides a high quality surface finish for mould or part production
  • Temperature performance up to 85°C / 175°F
  • 20% lower viscosity for easier pumping, lower back pressure and less drag on application


T-Paste 70-2 is a fast and reliable way to manufacture patterns and direct moulds. T-Paste 70-2 is a low density tooling paste formulated for ease of application and to give an excellent surface finish when CNC machined.

T-Paste 70-2 can be applied directly to expanded polystyrene (EPS) and is very low exotherm and shrinkage when applied at thicknesses up to 40mm. This allows the paste to be applied in one operation over large areas.

T-Paste 70-2 can be CNC machined after a 1 day cure at an ambient temperature of 21°C / 70°F and has outstanding Health and Safety; no smell or volatiles when applied and forms chippings when machined.