Tooling Products

T-Prime 130-1

  • Thermally stable up to 130°C / 266°F when fully post-cured
  • Resistant to thermal cycling damage
  • Low initial mixed viscosity for easier infusion; 247 cP at 25°C / 77°F
  • Long pot-life and gel time; capable of infusing large or complex moulds
  • Ambient curing and low shrinkage for accurate mould manufacture

T-Prime 130-1 is an epoxy tooling system for manufacturing glass or carbon moulds from liquid infusion processes. T-Prime 130-1 is compatible with Gurit’s range of 130°C tooling gelcoat, laminating and repair systems.

T-Prime 130-1 is a low shrinkage ambient curing system, which provides a simple way to produce high accuracy moulds. Designed for infusion and cure at ambient temperatures, it should then be mid-cured at 40°C / 104°F for 4 hours to guarantee the strength needed for demoulding. It can then be postcured off the plug to give a material that is thermally stable to 130°C / 266°F.

Exceeding this temperature will cause a rapid loss in stiffness and a safety margin is required for the maximum tool operating temperature to prevent distortion or tool damage.

T-Prime 130-1 is a further improvement on T-Prime 130 giving improved storage stability and an extended pot-life.