Epoxy Prepregs


  • Highly impact resistant
  • Rubber toughened system – excellent resistance to micro-cracking
  • Controlled flow
  • Good surface finishes possible
  • Self adhesive – high peel strengths

The SE 85GT series are toughened hot-melt, epoxy prepregs that offer an extremely good balance of mechanical properties. They are ideal for structural components where improved impact performance and resistance to resin micro-cracking is desired. SE 85GT can be cured at 80°C, yet retains an outlife of up to 56 days at 23°C. With its 3/4 hour cure at 120°C, it is also suitable for the quick manufacture of parts, and is also used in the development of trial components.

SE 85GT has medium flow characteristics (SE 85 high flow) , so that heavy reinforcements can be easily wet out, and good consolidation can be achieved in very thick (>25mm) laminates, under just vacuum bag pressures. Its flow behaviour also means that it can produce excellent surface finishes when used in pressure-moulded components.

SE 85GTBL is a black pigmented variant, often used in carbon fabrics to provide an excellent deep black gloss finish on the outer surface of carbon components such as yacht spars and race car parts.

SE 85GT system can equally be used in sandwich structures with honeycomb and foam cores. In this application, depending on resin content, it can be used in a self-adhesive mode, although it is more commonly used in conjunction with the toughened SA 80 Adhesive Film.

Technical Data

​Min Cure Temp/Time
Typical Laminate 7 plies of 200g/m2 RC200T
Typical Ramp Time 1–2°C (2–4°F) per minute N/A -
Cure Temperature 80°C (176°F)
120°C (248°F) -
Cure Dwell Time 12 hours
45 minutes -
Cure Pressure -1bar (14.5Psi) 6bar (87Psi) -
De-mould Temperature < 60°C (140°F) 120°C (248°F) -
Dry Tg1 (DMA) 103°C / 217°F 103°C / 217°F ISO 6721 (DMA)
​​Cured Laminate Properties
Fabric / Fibre Description HSC/300/400 35+2% Woven 2x2 Twill HS Carbon Woven 4x4 Twill HS Carbon
Resin Content 35% 42% 42%
Cure Method Press moulded at 6bar
Cure Schedule 1 hour at 125°C (257°F)
Cured Ply Density 1.81g/cm3 0.065lb/in3 1.81g/cm3 0.065lb/in3 1.81g/cm3 0.065lb/in3
Glass Transition Temperature 103°C 217°F 103°C 217°F 103°C 217°F
Cured Ply Thickness 0.29mm 0.011in 0.21mm 0.008in 0.38mm 0.0015in
0° Comp Str Fibre Volume 58.2% 53.4% 70.1%
0° Compressive Strength 996 MPa 144 Ksi 781 MPa 113 Ksi 449 MPa 65 Ksi
0° Flexural Fibre Volume 57.5% 52.7% 71.6%
0° Flexural Strength 1352 MPa 196 Ksi 840 MPa 122 Ksi 779 MPa 113 Ksi
0° Flexural Modulus 106 GPa 15.3 Msi 52 GPa 7.5 Msi 48 GPa 7.0 Msi
ILSS Fibre Volume 58.0% 52.9% 69.5%
0° ILSS 77 MPa 11.2 Ksi 68 MPa 9.9 Ksi 64 MPa 9.3 Ksi
0° Giic Fibre Volume 55.9% 44.4% 71.7%
0° Fracture Toughness 2.14 kJ/m2 1.81 kJ/m2 2.25 kJ/m2
​Third Party Certificates

SE 85GT does not currently have any third party approvals

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