SPRINT™ Surfacing Materials

SF 96

  • Easy to sand
  • Effective print-through barrier
  • Reduction in surface film-laminate interfacial voids
  • Stable surface up to 115°C (239°F)
  • Protects underlying laminate
The patented SF 96 surfacing material is a grey filled, sandable epoxy film designed to enhance the surface finish of moulded composite components. It allows a paintable surface finish to be obtained by vacuum-bag moulding processes. It can be used directly against a suitably release treated mould surface, with prepreg or SPRINT™ plies laid up behind it. When fully cured with SPRINT™ or prepreg, SF 96 forms a stable sandable surface which, once lightly sanded to provide a key for painting, greatly reduces print through of the underlying laminate. The epoxy system is supplied ready impregnated into a supporting medium and ready catalysed, requiring only a moderate temperature cure.

Technical Data