RTM Systems

PRIME™ 180

High Tg Resin RTM System
  • Very low viscosity designed for RTM processes
  • De-mouldable after 20 min at 120°C
  • High Tg (>190°C) following cure at 180°C
  • For critical structural components
  • High tensile elongation and toughness
  • Good Resin Clarity

PRIME™ 180 is a two-component toughened epoxy system formulated for RTM processes for manufacturing high quality structural carbon components. PRIME™ 180 has a low mixed viscosity at room temperature and versatile curing, this allows for low temperature injection which can then be followed by curing at temperatures above 90°C. The resin has low viscosity for a long period at low temperatures which allows complex or thick section laminates to be manufactured.