Corecell™ Structural Core Material

Corecell™ Structural Core
Cores in a sandwich construction are specified by designers and architects to increase stiffness and reduce the weight of a composite structure. The Corecell™ product range is suitable for a wide range of demanding structural applications and different composite manufacturing processes.
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Structural core is used in both the structural shell and shear webs of a standard infusion blade design. The material requirements for a structural core can vary considerably from shell to shear web and also from one area of a shell to another. 
Therefore, to optimize the design, weight and performance of a blade, the blade designer may make use of a number of core products. 
Corecell™ foams provide low weight, excellent stiffness, and structural integrity under dynamic loads. 
They have high shear elongation and retain their mechanical properties even in the higher ambient temperature range. The insulation values are constant over time due to controlled, CFC-free foaming process. 
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