High Performance Prepreg & SPRINT™ Materials

Gurit’s range of high performance prepregs offer exceptional benefits for a wide range of applications from rapid component manufacture to high-end cosmetic finishes.

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Main Features

Fastest Cure

Recommended Processing Method

Max Tg1

Typical Applications



  • Car Body Panel System SPRINT Resin

30 mins at 130°C

  • Autoclave
  • Vacuum Bag


Body and closure panels for
automotive applications


SC 110(T2)

  • White spot free high clarity resin for cosmetic parts
  • Versatile, high strength prepreg resin system
  • Flexible cure as low as 85°C

20 mins at 150°C

  • Autoclave
  • Press Moulding


Ideal for high visual quality components without white-wash or white spots


SC 160

  • Class leading resin clarity
  • High temperature performance

15 mins at 160°C

  • Autoclave
  • Press Moulding


Suitable for use in high temperature applications



  • Rapid cure in less than 5 minutes
  • Ideal for Hot-in Hot-out press moulding manufacture

5 mins at 150°C

  • Press Moulding


High volume component manufacture.

ST 110 for Car Body SPRINT™ (CBS)

Structural ST 110 is used to form a multi layered material referred to as CBS Car Body SPRINT. It is used alongside a suitable surfacing film (SF80, SF80FROBL or SF96) and SY110 Syntactic Core to build up a CBS panel. The woven carbon and glass reinforcements can be used to lay up various panel combinations to suit the required stiffness and weight targets needed. For our range of surfacing films and syntactic core materials see Prepreg & SPRINT™ Ancillaries.

SC 110(T2)

SC 110(T2) is ideally suited to achieve visual surface quality. This cosmetic grade prepreg utilize a high clarity, versatile, hot-melt epoxy resin formulation. This specifically developed, unique formulation produces truly white-wash-free parts resulting in increased production output and scrap cost savings of up to 20%. SC 110(T2) can be cured at temperatures as low as 80°C or even faster cures are achievable using press moulding technologies at temperatures up to 150°C. QUV SE Accelerated Weathering Test has revealed that Gurit SC 110(T2) carbon prepreg offers superior weathering performance compared with the current market range.

SC 160

SC 160 are the first choice for perfect visual surface quality. The cosmetic grade prepregs utilize a high clarity, versatile, hot-melt epoxy resin formulation. SC 160 can be cured at temperatures as low as 130°C or even faster cures are achievable using press moulding technologies at temperatures up to 160°C. SC 160 offers class leading resin clarity for a prepreg resin suitable for use in high temperature applications of up to 160°C.


Press moulding is the most common production method in the automotive industry to increase production rates for structural and body panel applications to serial production levels. Gurit is assisting this growth by offering prepreg-based products suitable for various press moulding applications. The company has developed a range of prepregs which can be supplied in diverse reinforcement formats that will offer effective deposition rates.

Gurit Smartcure™ is your fastest option for high volume press moulding production of structural automotive components. Cycle times of 5 minutes combined with preforming capability at room temperature and reduced finishing efforts result in increased production output as well as time and cost savings per part. True hot in, hot out processing of the innovative epoxy resin prepregs at steady press temperature guarantees constant part quality and energy savings combined with a good surface finish that is suitable for direct painting with various paints.

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