Sicherheit zuerst

Safety first

Safety first

Making safety a priority

Gurit is committed to the prevention of accidents and the health & safety of our employees and customers. Across the organisation we have global standards and procedures, adapted for local and national health & safety legislations, as well as extensive data collection processes to help us track progress and ensure we are mitigating risks wherever possible.

Operational safety in our manufacturing facilities is covered by various Gurit-developed standards and training programmes, based on best practice, as well as recognised external standards such as the DSS Bradley Curve and ISO 45001 certification.

Chemical safety is an important consideration at all our facilities, in the development and manufacture of our products, and at customer sites. We have a comprehensive chemical safety management system, and continue to monitor the chemical safety and regulatory landscape to ensure our products not only perform effectively in the field, but can also be safely manufactured and used.

Please visit our Product Stewardship page for more information on the mitigation of the environmental and health & safety impacts of our products.

safety first