Aerospace Qualified Prepreg Materials

EP 141

  • High performance toughened and self-extinguishing epoxy resin system
  • Low smoke density epoxy system
  • Good hot-wet properties at 135ºC (275ºF)
  • Self-adhesive to core materials

EP 141 has been developed for the realisation of extremely lightweight composite structures with high specific mechanical properties, good impact properties and excellent adhesion to honeycomb cores and metallic substrates.

EP 141 resin can be coloured in “mouse grey” according to AIRBUS DAN1200 2.5 to save on painting costs. EP 141 is also available in natural colour.

EP 141 is a 125ºC (257ºF) system, which means that it can be cured at a temperatures from 120ºC (248ºF) up to 160ºC (320ºF).

Both monolithic and sandwich structures can be easily manufactured with this prepreg. The curing can be performed by press, vacuum and autoclave moulding with a pressure of at least 0.7 bar / 10 psi.

Such composite structures can be exposed easily to temperatures in the range of -55ºC (-67ºF) up to +90ºC (194ºF).