Liquid & Filled Systems

Laminating Systems

The Ampreg™ 3X Series replaces Gurit`s legacy range of wet laminating systems for the manufacture of large composite structures in the marine, wind and construction industries.

The comprehensive 3X Series portfolio comprises of a single range of low toxicity, blend-able Ampreg 3X hardeners that can be used in conjunction with the following resins:

  • Ampreg 30 Low viscosity Resin: replaces Ampreg 21
  • Ampreg 31 Drainage resistance Resin: replaces Ampreg 22
  • Ampreg 36 Premium Performance Resin: replaces Ampreg 26

Additional ancillary products including Thixotropic Pregel Resin and High Tg hardeners are also available.

Health and Safety Focus

The award winning Ampreg™ 3X Series laminating system has been reformulated to prioritise user health and safety through careful selection of base chemicals. The new low toxicity resin matrix is CMR, SVHC and AEP free* and the hardeners are classified as environmentally non-hazardous.

Light Reflective Technology As Standard

Ampreg 30 is available with LRT (Light Reflective Technology) as standard, which serves as a risk monitoring feature for the user and enables inspection of contamination by means of UV light. To learn more about Gurit® LRT technology, please refer to the respective data sheet.

Ampreg 3X Series Product Selector

System Description Hardener Mix ratio Earliest Time To Apply Vacuum at 20°C Latest Time To Apply Vacuum at 20°C Earliest Demould Time at 20°C
Ampreg™ 30 Low initial mixed viscosity & good cure progression from ambient only cures, DNV-GL Certified, Replaces Ampreg™ 21 Fast 100 : 26
(parts by weight)
1 ½ hours 2 hours 3 hours
Standard 2 ½ hours 3 hours 6 ½ hours
Slow 4 hours 5 hours 16 hours
Extra Slow 6 hours 7 ½ hours 40 hours
High Tg 7 ¼ hours 9 ¼ hours 60 hours
Ampreg™ 31 Viscosity optimised for good fabric wet-out and drainage resistance, DNV-GL Certified, Replaces Ampreg™ 22 Fast 100 : 26
(parts by weight)
1 ¼ hours 1 ¾ hours 2  ¾ hours
Standard 2 hours 2 ¾ hours 5 hours
Slow 3 ¼ hours 4 ¼ hours 12 hours
Extra Slow 4 ¼ hours 5 ½ hours 20 hours
High Tg 4 ¾ hours 6 ¾ hours 30 hours
Ampreg™ 36 Improved fabric impregnation, Faster mechanical property generation, High flexural properties, Replaces Ampreg™ 26 Fast 100 : 29
(parts by weight)
1 ½ hours 2 hours 2 ¾ hours
Standard 2 ¼ hours 3 hours 5 ¾ hours
Slow 3 ½ hours 4 ½ hours 13 hours
Extra Slow 4 ¾ hours 5 ¾ hours 21 hours
Ampreg™ 3X Ancillaries Ampreg™ 3X Thixotropic Pregel Resin additive with a grease-like consistency, used primarily as a thixotrope - to be added to low viscosity laminating resins for applications where resin drainage is a concern. Refer to product datasheet for more information.
Ampreg™ F230-2 Foaming Epoxy
Ampreg F230-2 is a three-part foaming epoxy system using Ampreg 3X hardeners. The final density of the cured product can be controlled by the careful addition of the Foaming Agent, although the product is optimised to the 150 – 300kg/m³ range.
Ampreg™ 3X Adhesion Promoter Ampreg 3X Adhesion Promoter (AP) is a unique resin system formulated to promote the adhesion between epoxy and vinylester resin. This allows production boatbuilders to use existing polyester gelcoats with higher performance epoxy resins supplied by Gurit.

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