Aerospace Qualified Prepreg Materials

Gurit has developed a broad range of strong, light and fire-retardant aerospace materials which are ideally suited for interior or structural components such as passenger and cargo floor panels, cabin linings, ceiling panels, air ducts, plenums, overhead compartments, lavatories, galleys, bars, wardrobes, partitions, seats, flap track and belly fairings, winglets and fins, landing gear doors, trailing edges and brackets.

Gurit offers four resin chemistries:




Phenolic based chemistry is well established within the aerospace and rail industries where ultimate fire retardant, low smoke emission and low smoke toxicity (FST) properties are required. Phenolic prepregs are therefore commonly used in interior aircraft components such as side walls and flooring.


Gurit has a range of fire-retardant epoxy systems suitable for applications where increased mechanical properties are required. They generally exhibit good flame spread properties and can be used in more structural components compared to phenolics such as flooring panels. Where the optimum blend of FST and mechanical properties is required, Gurit epoxy prepregs also can be co-cured with phenolic prepregs. This is an established approach to the manufacture of aerospace flooring sandwich panels.

Cyanate Ester

Cyanate ester prepregs provide excellent FST properties and can be used in thermally demanding applications due to their high glass transition temperatures (>200oC). Laminates constructed with cyanate ester prepregs demonstrate very low gas permeability and are volatile-free, resulting in low void and porous free components. This together with their excellent FST and high Tg properties make them ideal for air-conditioning ducting construction in aerospace applications.

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