• Same 100:26 resin to hardener mix ratio by weight across range of hardener speeds
  • Low initial mixed viscosity & good cure progression from ambient only cures
  • Tough resin matrix giving good laminate mechanical properties
  • DNV-GL & Lloyds Register Certified formats available
  • Low Toxicity Hardener Formulations
    • Improved Hazard Labelling
    • CMR & SVHC** Free
    • Reduced Environmental Hazards
  • Formulated with Gurit LRT (Light Reflective Technology) as standard
  • Tested in high humidity environments

Product information

Ampreg™ 30 has been optimised for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand layup & vacuum bagging techniques whilst offering improved health & safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials.

The relatively low initial mixed viscosity of Ampreg 30 allows easy wetout of heavyweight reinforcements. Ampreg™ 30 has been designed to give excellent mechanical and thermal properties from both ambient temperature cures, and moderate temperature postcures (50°C). This system is available with the full range of Ampreg™ 3X Hardener speeds, from Fast to Extra Slow and in a wide range of formats from small pack sizes to drums and IBCs.

The unique formulation offers improved health & safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials as well as Light Reflective Technology which in conjunction with a UV light-source can detect droplets as small as 1mm for easy identification of contamination to improve industrial hygiene.



Ampreg™ 30 is DNV-GL & Lloyds Register certified.