Composite Materials


Gurit supplies an extensive range of reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair. These materials are based on the most widely used fibre types and fibre orientations and incorporate a variety of construction techniques in their manufacture.

Our range of Reinforcements is presented by fibre type:

  • Glass Products – E Glass
  • Carbon Products
  • Hybrid combinations of the above fibres

Then sub-divided into the following categories, based on the orientations of the primary structural fibres / tows :

  • Unidirectional Fabrics – A variety of construction styles with all structural fibres generally running at 0° where optimum mechanical properties or local reinforcement is required. The Style is generally Unitex (‘UT’) which offers a balance of handling properties.
  • Woven Fabrics – A wide range of woven fabrics, available in plain, twill and satin weave formations with fibres at 0°/90°.
  • Multiaxial Fabrics – Stitched construction with fibres at +/-45° or 0°/90° (Double Bias), 0°/+45°/-45° (Triaxial) and 0°/+45°/-45°/90° (Quadraxial). These products offer excellent mechanical properties, and have optimised fibre spread for high laminate quality.
  • Tapes – Narrow (< 200mm) fabric versions of the above

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