Components for Luxury Yachts

Collaborating with Gurit, superyacht and luxury yacht builders can confidently  take advantage of the performance attributes of advanced composite materials.

Reducing weight, meeting natural frequency requirements, achieving a superior finish, reducing maintenance issues and offering the freedom to design more complex forms are just some of the benefits composites can bring to a superyacht project. Whether the composites are for the primary structure or for components such as radar masts and hatches, Gurit can help the customer choose the right composite solution for the manufacture of a superior product  as well as full engineering support.

Product applications

“On behalf of Gulf Craft and the management, we would like to express our appreciation for the constant and unconditional support demonstrated throughout your involvement in the past years. The expert advice of Gurit has definitely made a positive impact in our business.”

Costas Eliopoulos

Production General Manager, Gulf Craft Inc.

Composite Products

Structural Core Materials

Gurit has a range of structural core materials for sandwich constructions to fit any specification or manufacturing process.

Prepregs and Semi-Pregs

Meet our broad selection of pre-impregnated reinforcement fibres and fabrics.

Epoxy Resins and Adhesives

Gurit`s range of Spabond™ offers outstanding performance in high-stress and high-load applications.


You want to know more about Gurit's offering for the Marine Industry? Our experts will be happy to support you.

Gurit Composites for Luxury Yacht Projects

Case Study

Baltic 68 Cafè Racer

Designed for thrilling, easy, short-handed sailing boosted by green power, this eco-friendly Café Racer is a real game changer.

Case Study

Southern Wind

The Southern Wind and Gurit partnership including full package solution of materials, structural engineering and technical support, has delivered some amazing results: Smart custom performance sailing yachts which hit the sweet spot between customization and standardization, design and reliability and between performance and comfort.

Sustainability Report

Creating a Strong Sustainability Platform

Gurit annually reports on sustainability related topics and performance indicators. The Gurit Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), core option.

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