Ancillary Products

To support the use of materials manufactured and supplied by Gurit, a comprehensive range of Ancillary Products is also available.  These have been refined over many years to enable users to handle products safely and to obtain the very best results from Gurit materials. The Ancillary Products are grouped together into the following main categories:

Filler Powders

A range of filler powders which are designed to modify the properties of some of the Gurit liquid solvent-free resin systems, and so create resin mixes for use as fillers and adhesives. The fillers form three distinct categories: hollow spheres, short fibres, and flow modifiers.

Hollow spheres

Increase the volume and reduce the density of any resin system and are used to make adhesive mixes and filling & fairing mixes.

  • Microballoons: Brown microsphere filler powder used to make glues or paste fillers.
  • Glass Bubbles: White microsphere filler powder used to make glues or paste fillers.

Short Fibres

For adding strength to a resin and hardener mix used as a structural adhesive, short reinforcing fibres are often added which act in a similar strengthening way to the long reinforcing fibres used in composite construction.

  • Microfibres: Cellulose fibres used to make adhesive mixes.

Flow Modifiers

The most common material for modifying the flow properties of a resin mix is colloidal silica. This is a very fine powder which is added in conjunction with other fillers to ‘thicken’ mixes and reduce their flow on vertical surfaces (increase thixotropy).

  • Colloidal Silica: Fine, anti-sag, filler powder. Use in combination with other filler powders.


A range of solvents for cleaning tools and surfaces. Due to the very different formulations across the Gurit product range, it is important that the correct solvents are selected for the intended application.


A range of pigments that can be added to some Gurit products to adjust the colour / visual appearance. Please contact Gurit Technical Support for further guidance on the correct usage / addition of pigments which can vary by product.

Application, Processing and Sundry items

Pumps and dispense equipment, application and processing items and pigments.

Sustainability Report

Creating a Strong Sustainability Platform

Gurit annually reports on sustainability related topics and performance indicators. The Gurit Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), core option.

Case Study

RECYCLING TEMPERED GLASS PLATES for use in swimming pool filtration systems

The Gurit site in Magog recycles the tempered glass plates used for assembling the moulds in production for SAN structural core foam.

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