Composites for High Performance Racing Yachts

For over 30 years Gurit has supplied its proven range of advanced composite materials to numerous race yacht programmes seeking cutting edge performance. Gurit combines the manufacture and supply of innovative, durable, industry-leading composite products with unrivalled in-house technical expertise, and a range of services to help customers make the most of the materials and technologies.

Product applications











Keels, Foils, Rudders



“We have used Gurit prepregs for decades. The team is in touch with our needs and responds to our requests, including the special technical requirements of many of our projects, for which Gurit is uniquely equipped. And Gurit supplies us with first class products which are consistent from batch to batch and from year to year.”

Eric Goetz

Composite Energy Technologies

Composite Products

Structural Core Materials

Gurit has a range of structural core materials for sandwich constructions to fit any specification or manufacturing process.

Prepregs and Semi-Pregs

Meet our broad selection of pre-impregnated reinforcement fibres and fabrics.

Epoxy Resins and Adhesives

Gurit`s range of Spabond™ offers outstanding performance in high-stress and high-load applications.


You want to know more about Gurit's offering for the Marine Industry? Our experts will be happy to support you.

Gurit Composites for High Performance Racing Yacht Projects

Case Study

IMOCA60 development & Vendée Globe

Planet Sail’s Docktalk feature on Gurit Engineering being involved in the IMOCA60 development.

Case Study

Charal IMOCA 60

Gurit collaborated closely with designers to integrate structural considerations in their design process, in conjunction with advanced slamming analysis to ensure integrity and optimized support structure.

Gurit was proud to be not only the principal engineers on the project, but also a key material supplier.

Case Study

Infinity 46

Gurit engineered the complete composite structure of this 14m canting keel race boat fitted with a Dynamic Stability System (DSS).

Case Study

Volvo 65

Gurit provided data acquisition setup and analysis, and performed FEA of Farr Structural design on these one design ocean-racing monohulls for the 2014 Volvo Ocean Race.

Composite Engineering

Gurit offers Engineering Services for High-Performance Boat Builders for more than 30 Years

A core team of 40 qualified and dedicated composite engineers in the United Kingdom, France and New Zealand supports customers, business partners and projects around the globe with the full range of capabilities tailored to the specific project and needs.

Sustainability Report

Creating a Strong Sustainability Platform

Gurit annually reports on sustainability related topics and performance indicators. The Gurit Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), core option.

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