Working at Gurit

Gurit is an innovative company serving the renewable wind energy and lightweighting industries with advanced composite materials, tooling, kitting and engineering services. We are operating in many exciting places in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The key to our success is our dedicated and passionate people! We value diversity as different perspectives combined will help us reach the most groundbreaking solutions. With passion for a sustainable future: this is our vision. Our mission is in wind energy and lightweighting. With the constantly increasing demand for composite solutions we are eager to recruit new talents and bring even more creativity and ambition into our team. If you are one of the passionate people we are looking for, please apply for a position in the part of the world where you want to start your new career journey. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Rahel Simmen

“What attracted me to Gurit back in 2017 was the opportunity to join a medium size listed manufacturing company with strong financial foundations. In Gurit I knew that I could benefit from the depth and breadth of exposure in my role which is something that both larger and smaller organisations often cannot provide.”

Rahel, Senior Financial Controller

Paul Spencer

“The industries Gurit serves and the products that we produce all work to improve society and the world that we live in; through enabling utilization of renewables such as wind energy and light-weighting transportation to save energy and creating fire retardant solutions to protect lives all serve to create a more sustainable future. These are values that are important to me and I am excited to be part of the implementation.”

Paul, Product Development Manager

Albert Llorens

Besides the continuous learning opportunities, Gurit’s global presence gives you the chance to learn from professionals from all over the world. This brings many different focuses and approaches to solving problems and has enabled me to develop a unique skillset. All this knowledge and experience is also maximized with specific training programs which have definitely allowed me to strive to become the best version of myself.”

Albert, Wind Sales Manager EMEA

Sam Pickard

“Gurit has a pace and attitude about it that marries technical know-how with commercial goals which creates a culture that allows me to work responsively with my customers. This kind of customer interface is both important and motivating for me. I am driven to lead a happy and successful life, both professionally and personally, and Gurit provides the platform for me to do this.”

Sam, Global Technical Support Manager

Kim Scheigis, Customer Operations Manager, New Zealand

Carter Zhang, Site Manager, China

Rudy Jurg, Regional Sales Manager

Sean Jeffrey, Head of Sales, APAC