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Lightweight composites for Rail

Advanced composite materials supplied by Gurit offer large potential for superior lighweighting vs. traditional materials whilst fulfilling the highest demands in fire protection, meeting the European Standard EN 45545. Gurit’s stronger, more durable and easy to clean materials translate into lower maintenance costs over the whole life span of a train and the track.


Product applications

Comprehensive offering with both epoxy and phenolic chemistries for balancing fire and structural performance.

Product applications


Austin Yuan

“Feedback from customers in China working with Gurit SE 130FR SPRINT™ solution to make rail components has been exceptional, from the excellent material handling properties to the flexible manufacture process; parts can be cured in oven or press under 85°C, resulting in significant lightweighting and low total cost.”

Austin Yuan, Gurit Regional Sales Manager

Gurit’s range of Advanced Composite Materials for the Rail Industry

Gurit has extensive knowledge of fire safety requirements for the rail industry. Tried and tested laminates have been manufactured for the following  applications using the products shown – contact us for further details.




PH 840 Prepeg



SE 130FR Prepreg

SE 130FR Prepreg

SF 130FR Surface Film

PH 840 Prepeg


PH 840 Prepeg

Kerdyn™ Green FR Structural Core


Kerdyn™ Green FR Structural Core

Tom Chatterley

“130FR is capable of meeting HL2 to R1, R7, R10 & R17 with a comfortable safety factor. Added to this is the ease of use of laminating with the SPRINT™ system, reduced waste and improved health and safety aspects.“

Tom Chatterley, Product Manager Prepreg

Prepreg product selector

High performance, proven light-weighting capability, cost effective products for industrialised production methods.



Cure Range


TG Range

EN45545-2 Classification*

ST 130FR

Exterior / structural

85 - 120°C

OoA, Press, Autoclave


R1 & R7: HL2; R10: TBA

SE 130FR
SF 130FR
Surface Film

PH 840

Interiors, Seats, tables, luggage racks, some exterior applications


Press, Autoclave


R1 & R7: HL3

Kerdyn™ Green FR
Structural PET Core

Exterior / structural

N/A OoA, Press, Autoclave

R7: HL2; R10: HL2

*Dependent on laminate configuration

Alex Macdonald

“Using SPRINT™ 130FR to make EN45545-2 rail standard compliant panels is simpler, faster and safer compared to traditional manufacture methods.  The process is clean, reduces the need to move moulds around the workshop and does not require heavy extraction, creating a nicer working environment.”

Alex Macdonald, Senior Technical Support Engineer

Panel Construction

Typical panel construction for Rail with epoxy SPRINT™ or phenolic preimpregnated fabrics (prepreg):

 Panel construction

 Panel construction

Menelaos Xanthis

“Making parts with the epoxy SPRINT™ solution is simple; the material is easy to handle and ensures a consistent resin content per part, resulting in a high quality finish.”

Menelaos Xanthis, Graduate Technical Support Engineer