Gulf Craft Majesty 155 – Breakthrough into a new dimension supported by Gurit

Zurich, Switzerland, June 30, 2015 Leading manufacturer of advanced composite materials Gurit is pleased to congratulate Gulf Craft on the official launch of their latest and largest superyacht to date, the Majesty 155.


Unveiled at the Majesty Yachts shipyard in the United Arab Emirates, the superyacht sets new standards in terms of design, guest comfort and technology.


Gurit was pleased of being involved in this prestigious project right from the start at early design stage. An initial concept design for the laminates and structure was undertaken to demonstrate the savings in weight and production time that could be achieved. This was then followed by the detailed engineering of the composite structure to ensure that these objectives were met.


The boat was engineered to classification requirements of Bureau Veritas (BV) while Gurit also applied its own expertise and knowledge together with that of the yard in many areas of the design. With the foam sandwich construction of the hull shell it was possible to eliminate transverse framing and have an arrangement of bulkheads and longitudinal framing which simplifies the construction and fit-out stages of the build. An area which required careful consideration was the tender garage and with detailed analysis, Gurit was able to specify reinforcement and structure required in this complex area of the yacht.


Furthermore, Gurit was selected to supply Corecell™ M foam for the production of the Majesty 155. Gurit® Corecell™ provides a combination of high shear strength with low density, high elongation, high temperature resistance and low resin uptake. The material is the perfect choice in slamming area and has also been used in the superstructure, hull and multiple decks. It was also important that the material had BV certification.


Commenting on this achievement Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft, said: ‟The Majesty 155 is significant in a number of ways. It is not only Gulf Craft’s largest superyacht to date, but also the first displacement hull ever built and Gurit was the preferred partner for this project following their proven track-record.″


During construction, Gurit paid numerous on-site visits to inspect progress of the vessel, to review build versus drawings and to discuss complex areas of the construction in more detail with the builders. The Majesty 155 is fitted with a large tender garage inside of the hull, opening balconies in the side decks and a large opening aft hatch to the ‘beach club’.


Due to the hull`s design, its manufacture from advanced composite materials, and powered by twin 2,011 hp MTU 12V 4,000 M63 engines, the superyacht has a range of more than 4,200 nm and a maximum speed of 16 knots.