Working at Gurit

At Gurit we believe that to maintain an outstanding level of service to our customers, we need to form excellent partnerships with them through direct, regular and consistent contact. Gurit's global and worldwide locations reflect this commitment to our customers.

When you join Gurit you soon come to realise that at each of our sites, our customers located nearby. By deliberately basing ourselves close to our key customers, we can personally ensure that they are receiving the quality of service that they deserve and have come to expect.

As a provider of composite technology for the wind energy, tooling, marine, automotive, aerospace, rail and engineered structures markets, Gurit is at the forefront of innovation in this rapidly expanding industry. The increasing demand for composite solutions has placed a strong emphasis on recruitment for talented individuals to support all functions, where flexibility, creativity, and resourcefulness are a prerequisite.

We are always looking for technically talented individuals with a passion for composites to join our global team. Please take the time to find out more about each Gurit location and decide for yourself which part of the world you would like to be in to shape your career in composites.