Digital Solutions for Wind Blade Production

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Gurit’s advanced production tools enable significant cost and time savings. This is achieved through real time optimization of the cure cycle; detection of unexpected events; online reporting and mobile push notifications.

Digital Solution Application

Gurit turns the moulds into IoT devices by connecting them to the cloud. Process metrics and quality reports are stored for remote access, displayed on a dashboard or SCADA. 

Gurit’s Mould-link portal analyses data and develops global production KPI’s. At the factory level the mould’s operation is streamlined through mobile notifications and automated maintenance systems.

Gurit’s proprietary temperature control software is deployed globally and installed in the platforms of the top 3 blade OEM’s.

Gurit Manufacturing System Software features include

  • Surface vacuum SCADA with automatic drop tests and vacuum level control
  • Surface thermocouple SCADA with reporting and automatic TG test. Critical areas of the part are monitored to estimate their cure percentage
  • Online curing profile adjustment
  • Remote /central data warehouse
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Customizable quality control reports
  • Localized composite repair control system
  • RFID controlled access
  • Dashboard
  • Production analytics


Engineering services

Our vast experience working with blade manufacturers, worldwide, has given us specialized insight that helps blade builders solve their specific problems. 

Wind Blade Moulds

Gurit is the largest independent manufacturer of plugs and moulds for wind turbine blades worldwide.

Manufacturing Automation

Gurit offers a broad range of tools to precisely assemble prefabs onto a blade shell mould. 

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