Gurit Delivers the Future of Composite Solutions at JEC Europe 2014 
11 March 2014, Gurit (SIX Swiss Exchange: GUR), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of Composite Materials, Systems and Engineering, will be showcasing its latest product innovations and engineering capabilities at JEC Europe 2014 in Paris, from Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th March 2014. The exhibition will be held this year in Pavilion 7.3, Porte de Versailles, and is the biggest composite exhibition in the world.

Exhibiting on stand M19, Gurit will be showcasing its most recent developments in composite materials, pre-impregnated and structural core materials. Gurit will also present a range of eye-catching exhibits along with case studies that reflect Gurit’s engineering capabilities that allow Gurit to offer a complete composite solution to its customers. 

New Generation of Pre-Impregnated Materials
Gurit will be presenting its new generation of pre-impregnated materials (prepregs) that are widely used in Automotive applications and in some other demanding and high-temperature applications. This new range of prepregs provides manufacturers with composite materials designed for a variety of applications, both structural and cosmetic.  The materials offer class leading performance along with the recognised benefits of composites: strength, lightness and the ability to fashion complex shapes. The new range includes: 


SC 110 Cosmetic Carbon Prepreg 

  • Ultra high clarity – ideal for cosmetic components with no whitewash or spots
  • On average a 20% increase of yield of finished parts due to the elimination of whitewash 


SC 110 Cosmetic Carbon Prepreg utilises a high clarity, versatile, hot-melt epoxy resin formulation. The unique formulation ensures that no white-wash or white spots are evident in the cured resin. It is ideal for manufacturing high visual quality components using autoclave and press processing. It can be cured at temperatures as low as 80°C, or it can be used for faster moulding of components at 120°C. This is achieved with a good out-life of up to three weeks at 21°C. It is a toughened system, and offers excellent mechanical properties on a wide variety of reinforcing fabrics and fibres. This new carbon fibre prepreg can be used to produce components like e.g. bonnets or grills but also more complex shapes with tight curvature. 



SE 200 Structural Carbon Epoxy Prepreg

  • Toughened Structural Carbon Epoxy Prepreg with excellent hot/wet performance
  • Fast, flexible curing options


SE 200 is a high strength structural carbon prepreg based on a toughened epoxy system. It has a flexible cure envelope ranging from 135°C to 200°C. SE 200 has been developed to enable rapid part manufacture through a number of composite processing methods. The minimum cure temperature is 135°C from which SE 200 develops Tg and strength properties at a level associated with high temperature 195°C curing systems. Higher temperature cures in excess of 180°C will achieve the best dry and wet thermal performance. Using the appropriate press moulding technology it is possible to achieve a 15 minutes hot-in / hot-out cure at 195⁰C, making SE 200 suitable for the economic production of automotive parts. SE 200 Structural Carbon Epoxy Prepreg can be used in the making of parts such as structural lower tubs, bulkheads, front and rear scuttles, exhaust tunnels and other structural components. 



SE 300 High Tg Prepreg

  • High temperature stability
  • Superior flame retardant properties
  • Aerospace grade FST standards


SE 300 is an ideal prepreg for high temperature composite applications, as it combines the ease of processing and handling convenience of epoxy resins, high temperature stability of polyimides, and flame / fire resistance of phenolics. A 120°C cure for 75 minutes combined with a post-cure, enables SE 300 to generate a Tg in excess of 300°C, making SE 300 ideal for applications in composite structures, which are exposed to very high temperatures for short durations. The flame and smoke characteristics of  SE 300 composites show that this resin possesses superior flame retardant properties and holds a wide range of Aerospace grade FST (Fire/Smoke/Toxicity) standards. 



Gurit New Structural Core Offering

Gurit is a technical leader in the development and manufacture of structural core materials and offers now the complete structural core solution with additional capacities in PVC and PVC HT. Gurit’s comprehensive core materials offering now includes:   

Gurit® PVC, a closed cell, cross-linked PVC foam that provides superior stiffness and strength to weight ratio, low water absorption, excellent resistance to chemicals as well as sound and thermal insulation. The wide range of different densities makes Gurit® PVC the perfect choice for a vast variety of applications such as wind energy, marine and transportation. Gurit also offers Gurit® PVC HT, a closed cell, cross-linked PVC with a higher temperature resistance for processing up to 140°C/285°F compatible with heated moulds and prepreg resin systems. 

Gurit® Corecell™, a structural core material using a SAN polymer base featuring high toughness and impact resistance characteristics and that can be processed at temperatures up to 120°C with short durations during a cycle to over 150°C. This family of versatile core materials includes M-, A- and S-Foams which are widely used in the Marine industry while T-Foam is typically used for wind blades’ manufacturing. 

Gurit® G-PET™, a highly adaptable, recyclable thermoplastic core material with a good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for wind energy, marine, industrial and transportation applications. Gurit® G-PET™ now benefits from a ‘LITE’ surface treatment technology to reduce resin uptake.


Gurit® Balsaflex™, the classic end-grain balsa wood core made from renewable resources, featuring very high strength to weight ratio. Gurit® Balsaflex™ is suitable for a wide range of applications including wind energy, marine and transportation. 


Gurit has a range of core materials to fit any specification or manufacturing process. Structural core materials are offered in sheet form and with a variety of cut patterns or finishes, tailored to customer needs or processing choice. Core is also available in kits offering efficient and speedy lay-up without unnecessary waste.


Engineering Capabilities 
Gurit’s Engineered Structures team will also be present at the exhibition. Gurit has global capabilities in design, engineering, materials science, prototyping and manufacturing and can offer any combination of these skills to realize the most advanced composite structures. As announced in November 2013, Gurit will open a new facility in Hungary to produce finished parts to support the growth of the mass transportation and automotive businesses. Alongside these markets Gurit’s Engineering capabilities are also being utilized in other markets including Ocean Energy, Industrial and Architectural. 

Visitors to the Gurit stand will be able to view the full size exhibit section of the New Bus for London, manufactured by Gurit for Wrightbus. Gurit’s Sales, Technical Support, Engineers and Marketing Teams will be on hand to welcome you to discuss upcoming projects and requirements on Stand M19 in Hall 7.3