Gurit Increases Customer Support in Response to Growing Composites Demand in South East Asia

Supbon Co Ltd appointed as materials reseller in Thailand

2 May 2014, Gurit (SIX Swiss Exchange:GUR) – Gurit, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of Composite Materials, Systems and Engineering is expanding its customer focus in the Southeast Asia region.


With its comprehensive product range, including structural core materials, pre-impregnated materials (prepregs), epoxy adhesive systems, laminating and infusion systems, and as a leading composite engineering company, Gurit is a total composites solution provider for a broad spectrum of applications. Gurit serves Marine, Transportation, Wind Energy and Industrial markets globally, as well as emerging markets and applications for composite materials.


Moving yet closer to SEA customers

In response to increasing demand for composite applications, Gurit has recently appointed Supbon Co Ltd as a reseller of its products in Thailand. Gurit already has a well-established customer presence in Southeast Asia and sales representation in Malaysia also supporting customers in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With Supbon’s local support, Gurit’s customers will now benefit from faster product delivery times, further complemented by Gurit’s manufacturing site in China, allowing for on-time supply throughout Asia.


Broad product offering responds to rapidly growing market demand

Gurit has developed a vast range of prepregs and there is a particular growing demand for phenolic prepregs within the Southeast Asia transportation industry. Lai Rhen Kwan, Southeast Asia Regional Sales Manager, comments, ”Phenolic based chemistry is well established within the aerospace and rail industries where ultimate fire retardancy, low smoke emission and low smoke toxicity (FST) properties are required. Gurit’s phenolic prepregs are therefore being commonly used in interior components, such as side walls and flooring.” 


The market for highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic foam core materials is also growing. “With a good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost, Gurit® G-PET™ is suited to a wide range of production processes and is being used extensively in wind turbine blades, civil and marine structures,” adds Rhen Kwan. Gurit‘s range of PVC foam materials are also being extensively applied, together with engineering services, within the marine sector and industrial applications in Southeast Asia.