Our Commitment to Sustainability

What it means for Gurit and where we prioritise our efforts

Health and Safety

We have launched a "safety-first" initiative and have undertaken substantial efforts to provide our customers with products complying with best-in-class health & safety standards. In terms of accidents at the workplace we want to reduce them by 50% within three years, or -17% per year. In terms of chemical safety we will phase out various chemicals of concern by 2022.

Climate neutral in 2021

In 2021 Gurit has achieved climate neutrality for emissions under its direct control and switched to 100% renewable electricity. Read more in our Sustainability Report 2021.


Renewable energy

As a supplier to the wind turbine industry our business serves the promotion and growth of renewable energy. By providing competitive and innovative products we help this industry grow and thus replace fossil fuels faster. As of 2021, Gurit starts sourcing its own electricity consumption to 100% renewable energy.

Sustainable core materials

We are facilitating a transition from thermoset to the more sustainable thermoplastics (PET). We will use up to 100% recycled PET for our PET core materials range. We support the growth of the Balsa wood offering as a naturally grown, carbon capturing core material.


We co-locate of our PET extruders and kitting services and operate "region-for-region" wherever possible.
We strive to save emissions and cost generated by transportation between sites, maximise the recycling of kitting waste and working capital cost and provide a competitive product for our customers.

About Gurit

Gurit is specialised in the development and manufacture of advanced composite materials, production tools and select composite components. In addition, Gurit provides composite engineering services that help transform traditional, heavier structures into lightweight, durable ones.

The Company`s products and solutions are primarily used in the wind energy, aerospace, marine, automotive and land transportation industries thus contributing to the generation of renewable energy as well as to the reduction of fuel consumption, amongst others. As such, sustainability forms an essential part of Gurit`s global business activities and sustainable growth strategy.