Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Over the last 15 years, the material solutions developed by Gurit for manufacturers of wind turbine blades have continuously contributed to the increasing efficiency of wind power installations. This progress is most visible when looking at the increase of a typical blade size from 23 metres to over 80 metres plus. The growing dimensions create enormous challenges for wind turbine blade manufacturers as the longest blades today weigh in excess of 20 tons each. New materials solutions were needed to keep the weight of the wind turbine blades as light as possible, yet maximising their strength, stiffness and durability. Gurit has helped make wind energy a technical and also a commercial success story by helping to decrease manufacturing costs of wind turbine blades and enhancing the efficiency of wind power installations.

With over 15 years experience, Gurit has developed a broad range of award-winning products and solutions and is unique in covering both infusion and prepreg blade technology, with the capability to supply all the relevant materials needed for building a composite blade.

The successful creation of a large composite structure needs specialist knowledge of structural design, materials technology and composite processing. Gurit is in the unique position of possessing all of these disciplines in one integrated technology centre, maximising the potential for innovation and rapid development of technology solutions. Whatever the blade technology, Gurit has the product and development capability to meet the customers' requirements and expectations.


Composite materials open new avenues for the manufacture of lightweight, strong and durable structures of almost any conceivable form and shape. Independent of the chosen composite manufacturing process, plugs – a three-dimensional model of final part – and moulds – the forms used to actually to manufacture a final part – define the accuracy of composite components. Gurit is globally the largest independent, fully integrated and highly specialised mould maker for large structures. Established in 2007 as Red Maple, Gurit Tooling (Taicang) has made a name for itself as the leading manufacturer of plugs and moulds for wind turbine blades. Today, its scope of activity reaches beyond wind turbine blade moulds and also specialises in welded transport systems for wind turbine blades and tower elements, as well as increasingly offering its quality mould making capability for other large scale industrial structures such as boat hulls, spars and other series components relying on accurate moulds.

With over 400 skilled employees dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacture and service of composite tooling, purpose-built state-of-the-art production halls suitable to build moulds of up to 80 meters in length, and ideally located for easy access to the ports of the greater Shanghai area, Gurit Tooling is globally a prime engineering and sourcing partner for quality moulds delivered to customer specification in short lead times and at very competitive prices – worldwide.

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