Gurit is using its technical knowhow and expertise to make improvements across the business which aim to reduce the company’s – and our customers’ – impact on the environment. The opportunities do this are vast.

Two key areas we concentrate on are the recycling and reuse of waste through the value chain and the development of lower ecological footprint products.

You can read more about our latest initiatives in Gurit’s Sustainability Report 2022.

Recycling and reusing waste through the value chain

Containerised system: allows our customers at their blade factories to recycle thermoset epoxy moulding compound waste with shredding technology.

Dust Under Compression, a new solution for core waste.

Other projects:

  • Using post-consumer waste as raw material in our PET production
  • Co-location for ease of recycling waste from
    our kitting operations
  • Support for the development of a process to recover and reuse fibres from old composites
Process improvements to help manage resources better

21 kWh/day electrical power saving on PET line 1 in Tianjin using novel insulation made from aerogel materials.

Energy efficiency & water efficiency initiatives in our own operations.

Other projects:

  • Optimisation of post-cure set up for mould
    manufacture for significant energy savings
  • Improved quality control process around water/oil separation
  • Reducing chemical usage by using higher
    technology tools and changes to our process
  • See Resource Utilisation section for more details
Initiatives for lower ecological footprints products

R&D support for the development of a lower footprint, bio based core material

Reviewing polymers for future product generations with improved properties and reduced environmental footprint.

Using design to maximise renewable energy generation & use

Optimisation of core material kit design using a new Opticore platform

Work with customers to support the use of green hydrogen

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