Safety first

Safety first

Safety first

Gurit prioritises health & safety. “Safety first” is one of five core values Gurit staff members use to orientate their daily work. This means we recognise and correct potential hazards and follow protocols and procedures. We speak up and stop work if safety is compromised.

Health and Safety targets

As part of its “safety-first” initiative Gurit undertakes substantial efforts to further increase safety at the workplace and provide our customers with products complying with best-in-class health & safety standards. In terms of accidents at the workplace we want to reduce them by 50% within three years, or -17% per year over the 2020-2022 period. In terms of chemical safety we will phase out various chemicals of concern (SVHC) by 2022.

The Safety Pyramid

Gurit uses the “Safety Pyramid” model as a means to reduce accidents at the workplace. The base of the pyramid, and keystone to the Safety First trainings, is the observation of risks and hazards. Systematically looking for potential dangers in operations and workplace procedures is a first step to reduce serious injuries. This involves systematic reviews of the workplace and analysis of lost-time injury data. By ingraining the evaluation of hazardous situations into the habits of all employees, the Safety Pyramid becomes a self-supporting tool that may help to reduce near-misses and minor injuries, and then proportionally reduce severe injuries and deaths.

Safety pyramid

Standards and trainings

The Incident Investigation & Reporting Standard, developed and rolled out in 2020, provides requirements and guidance for a systematic, in-depth approach to health and safety (H&S) incident investigations. This standard focuses especially on practical implementation and enhancement of the cultural building elements in all parts of the operations.

Safety training

Safety training at our Gurit site in Mexico

The Gurit Safety Walk Standard describes how to perform Safety Walks with the purpose of improving safety behaviour and preventing injuries and property loss. The desired result is reached through promoting dialogue and awareness by practically applying established standards for work behaviour in day-to-day operations, and by training employees to actively observe and identify both unsafe and safe actions and conditions. The Safety Walk standard has been introduced at all production sites and enables immediate mitigation of risks and recognition of best practices.

Hannes Haueis testimonial

“Through the different exercises, discussions and role-plays that we carried out, we have been able to bring the theory of standards to the day-to-day operations of our factories. Our staff is showing tremendous ambition. I hope and strongly believe that, with continued effort and focus, we have a good chance of achieving our common goal. I am very satisfied with the result so far.”

Hannes Haueis, Head of Group Human Resources

The Gurit health and safety trainings are focusing on the two standards mentioned above and aims to cover all employees in the organization.


“Our Training program is helping us to proactively find solutions to reduce potential risks and to share examples of best practices with the rest of the organisation. Our health and safety activities are helping us to create a workspace that is safe for all of us. We encourage your commitment and active contribution. Let us make Gurit a safe place.”

Ernst Lutz, General Manager Business Unit Wind Materials


Safety performance

Gurit monitors its safety performance internally on a monthly basis. We publish related figures annually as part of our Sustainability report which can be downloaded from


Do you have a concern about health and safety in the workplace? Contact your local Site Manager or our global safety team at