We take care of the environment by minimizing power consumption, waste, emissions and use of resources.

We set ambitious reduction targets to achieve climate neutrality.

We behave responsibly.

Our priority is to avoid, minimize or mitigate possible impact on the environment and climate change, by efficiently utilizing resources, deploying clean technology, and preventing any form of pollution.

Becoming net zero is a corporate responsibility.

We have set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets to achieve climate neutrality and have focused our efforts on implementing initiatives across the company which have a direct impact on the annual footprint. Most of our emissions fall within the scope 3 category (indirect up and downstream emissions), and these are addressed within our supply chain.

Management of resources is material to our footprint.

We manage our resources through a comprehensive system of policies and guidelines, as well as internal and external audits, to fully understand our impact and progress. All our sites play an active role in helping Gurit achieve its targets in waste, water, and energy management.

Our planet has finite resources and circularity is essential to help mitigate this.

The circular economy is a complex challenge that impacts companies and activities throughout the supply and value chain. At Gurit, we use several strategies such as a safe and sustainable product design approach, increasing the bio-based content of our products and using innovation to develop more efficient processes and purposeful technology.  As we alone cannot find the answers, we work extensively alongside industry partners and research organizations to achieve our circularity goals

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