General H&S guidelines

Epoxy Resins, Hardeners and Prepregs

Chemicals used by Gurit such as Phenolics, Epoxy resins and hardeners, by their nature are capable of causing damage to health. However, if these products are used with appropriate care and control, the risk should be minimized.
It is important to recognise that a chemical can only cause damage to health if there is exposure, i.e. contact between the user and the chemical. If there is no contact then there can be no interaction between the user and the chemical and no damage to health. Therefore the avoidance of contact through the following exposure routes is important.

    • Skin contact
    • Inhalation
    • Ingestion
    • Absorption (through the skin)

Not all products can cause harm through every exposure route and the product Safety Datasheet (SDS) should be reviewed to in order to correctly identify the product specific riss.

In order to fully understand the hazards associated with each Gurit product, please ensure the Safety Datasheet (SDS) is read and understood fully along with an appropriate risk assessment such as COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

The Safety datasheet provides information on the safe use and handling specific to each product in the following 16 section Format.

    1. Identification of the mixture and the supplier
    2. Hazards identification
    3. Composition/information on ingredients
    4. First Aid Measures
    5. Firefighting measures
    6. Accidental release measures
    7. Handling and Storage
    8. Exposure controls and personal protection
    9. Physical and chemical properties
    10. Stability and reactivity
    11. Toxicological information
    12. Ecological information
    13. Disposal considerations
    14. Transport information
    15. Regulatory information
    16. Other information

Note that the information provided in a safety datasheet is that recommended to provide the safe usage and handling of a product. For technical specifications refer to the product technical datasheet.

For when an emergency situation arises and the information contained within the safety datasheet is not sufficient, Gurit has an emergency telephone number; Carechem 24 provided by the NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre) that can be called. Region specific telephone numbers can be found on product Safety Datasheets or the following number can be contacted (available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).

24-hour Chemical Emergency; spillages, fires, exposure

+44 1273 289451

Commercial or technical queries

+44 1983 828000

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