Wind Blade Hinge System

The mould turnover system from Gurit is the choice of industry leaders, proven on over 340 moulds worldwide. Gurit offers 3 types of hinge arms suitable for various shape and size of the moulds. The system provides a convenient and safe opening and closing system with an opening/closing time of 7–11 minutes.

The full closed loop arm angle alignment control system avoids any risk of mould twisting with a smooth variable speed operation and a super-slow final closing action.

The final closing motion is totally vertical for the last 120mm allowing a free floating upper mould for perfect alignment. This system assures excellent cost/performance ratio and is available with zero lead time.


Many of the established wind turbine blade manufactures use this model of the turnover system, and this system is used on approximately 40% of all wind turbine blade moulds that have been produced.

Series 160 200 258
Total number of Gurit hinges per mould 2 - 3 3 - 7 8
Weigth lifting of a Gurit hinge arm 9.5 T 10 - 15 T 15 - 20 T
Torque capacity of a Gurit hinge arm 360 kNm 550 kNm 750 kNm
Maximum working pressure of Gurit hinge 320 Bar 320 Bar 320 Bar