Blade Root Reinforcements

Our pultruded blade root reinforcements combine unique strength and design freedom. The profiles are custom-made and ensure a quicker and more cost-efficient high-quality lamination process.

blade root reinforcements

The fact that bushings can be placed closer together makes a reduced blade root diameter possible compared to a conventional T-bolt solution. Full-scale components have been tested in tensile loading – both in static and fatigue loading. For the blade manufacturer a reduced in-mould time is possible due to:

  • Less material to be placed in blade mould
  • Fast installation of bushings
  • Reduced infusion and curing the profiles are custom-made and ensure a quicker and more cost-effective high quality lamination process.

Typical mechanical properties for the pultruded inserts

Coupon tests for characterization of the composite material surrounding the bushing*

  • Longitudinal stiffness 38 GPa
  • Longitudinal strength 600 MPa

*additional test data are available upon request

Gurit pultruded structural profiles for wind turbine blade applications
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