Wind Turbine Structures

In addition to profiles and gratings for wind turbine towers and nacelles, Gurit Structural Profiles also supply finished components and structures.

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Helihoist platforms provide easy access to offshore wind turbines, allowing service technicians to reach them even in heavy seas. Ensuring safe access is crucial in the event of mechanical failure or during maintenance, so that the turbines can work at their best.

Cantilever Arms

Gurit Structural Profiles’ Cantilever Arms have been designed to ensure that permanent platforms can be installed easily on the tower section, so that service technicians can access and service the tower sections. With a low total weight and prefabricated design, you get a plug and play solution which minimises installation time on site.

Nacelle floors

With a strong, durable fiberglass deck, service technicians have safe access to the important technology contained within the nacelle. Our planks, which are used for the decks, are resistant to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as aggressive fluids and oil, giving the deck a long life with only minimal maintenance requirements.

Covers for turbine towers

Gurit Structural Profiles covers for turbine towers are made of fiberglass, which offers effective protection for the tower section during installation. The covers have been developed in close collaboration with turbine manufacturers, with the aim of making the solution easier to install.


An access platform in the splash zone places great demands on the durability of the materials, as they are constantly affected by aggressive salt water. Gurit Structural Profiles’ gratings and railings are made of fiberglass, which is non-corrosive. This provides for a low-maintenance, durable solution that do not corrode.

Lifting equipment

Our fiberglass profiles have an unparalleled weight-to-strength ratio, so they are particularly well-suited to offshore lifting equipment resulting in great savings in terms of weight. This could be, for example, on a lifting yoke for assembling wind-turbine components, with a smaller, faster crane mountiuung the blades. This means that you can reduce the assembly time offshore and save both time and money without compromising safety.

Gurit pultruded structural profiles for wind turbine blade applications
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