PRIME™ Infusion Systems

PRIME™ infusion systems applications range from single-operation moulding of carbon yacht masts, up to 80′ yacht hulls and wind turbine blades.  PRIME™ epoxy infusion systems have been used successfully for over 20 years and today are at the forefront of the development of liquid epoxies for “under the bag” infusion processes, including:

    • SCRIMP™
    • RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling)
    • VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding)

PRIME™ 37 Low Toxicity Epoxy Infusion System

PRIME™ 37 Low Toxicity Epoxy Infusion System

PRIME™ 37 has been developed to deliver exceptional laminate quality for a range of liquid infusion composite processes.  Gurit’s unique fibre wetting technology reduces infusion time and improves laminate quality

The cure characteristics of PRIME™ 37 have also been optimised:

    • Mixed viscosity remains lower for longer
    • Faster through-cure, avoiding a low-strength “sugary” phase
    • Improved exotherm control

PRIME™ 37 is Lloyd’s certified and is produced with bio-based content as standard.  By using the award winning Ampreg™ 3X low toxicity hardeners, PRIME™ 37 has market leading health and safety, and also allows customers to take advantage of the blend-able hardener speeds which can be tailored to suit each application.

Gurit Formulated Series








Ampreg™ 3X Fast Hardener

510 cP

1/2 hour

100:29 (parts by weight)

 Up to 75°C

Lloyd's Register

DNV (Pending)

Ampreg™ 3X Standard Hardener

345 cP

1 hour

Ampreg™ 3X Slow Hardener

245 cP

4 hour

Ampreg™ 3X Extra-slow Hardener

150 cP

10 1/2 hours

PRIME™ High Tg Hardener

245 cP

5 hour

100:25 (parts by weight)

Over 100°C


For further information, please see the related documents below, or contact your customer support representative.

Case Studies

Magma Composites

Case Study

Magma Composites

Magma Composites, with the help of Gurit’s distributor in France, Composites Distribution, used Gurit PRIME™ 37 Infusion system to make 40mm thick glass and carbon UD panels for a foiling project.

Neo 570c

Case Study

Neo 570C

The Neo 570c project commenced in earnest in 2019. Working with longtime partner and Gurit distributor Resintex, the NEO team selected a full complement of Gurit products to achieve the weight savings needed, opting for a full prepreg carbon fiber hull, deck, structure and interior.

Maverik International Moth

Case Study

Maverik Interna-

Fluid Composites are the manufacturer of the Maverik International Moth, a foiling dinghy, with historic roots dating back nearly 100 years. The Maverik International Moth Incorporates a full package of Gurit materials including Corecell™ M foam, Spabond™ and PRIME™ 37.


Case Study


For large infusions involving relatively thick sections, being able to control the reactivity is key. When using Gurit’s new PRIME™ 37 system, Airborne were pleased to note that this system combined familiarity with improved performance and the ability to control their process to an exceptional degree. This greatly benefits them whether it be manufacturing a large composite gangway, or during RTM processes involving very thick laminates.

Southern Wind

Case Study

Southern Wind

The Southern Wind and Gurit partnership including full package solution of materials, structural engineering and technical support, has delivered some amazing results: Smart custom performance sailing yachts which hit the sweet spot between customization and standardization, design and reliability and between performance and comfort.

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